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In 1993, Islamic Academy of Sciences published, A Simple Translation of The Holy Quran (with notes on Topics of Science). The Second Edition of the Translation was published in 1995, while the Third Edition published in 2010 includes Summarized Commentary, Notes on Topics of Science and Subject Index.




The Quran, Science and the Universe

In 1981 this book was first published by Islamic Academy of Sciences, compiling the previously published articles on Quran and Science. In 1998, the same book was published under the title “The Universe Seen Through The Quran” from Canada, which is now in its fifth revision. In 2004, Islamic Heritage Foundation in coordination with Islamic Academy of Sciences have published this work with the name “Scientific Facts in The Glorious Quran”.


Other books

Other books published by the Academy are as follows:


– Attributes of Allah – Explained Exclusively through Quran

– Explanatory Dictionary of the Holy Quran

– Synonyms of the Holy Quran

– Success Predestined or Achieved?

– Elements of Namaz

– Elementary Grammar and Dictionary of The Holy Quran


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