Islam is a natural law of life like all other laws of nature which are essential for the peaceful existence of the whole universe. It therefore requires popularization in terms relevant during the period of propagation, so that the people who receive the message could implement it in their lives and thereby experience peace.

There are about 750 verses of the Qur’an which deal with various topics of Natural Sciences such as Astronomy, Biology, Geology, etc. and many other which deal with topics of Social sciences such as Economics, Commerce, Political Science, etc. These Verses deserve interpretation by experts from both Natural and Social Sciences, with a view to inculcate the habit of reflection on the Qur’an, in the dynamic younger generation, which in turn would lead it to the acceptance of Islam on the basis of reason.

Recent findings of Natural Sciences revealed in the Holy Qur’an more than 1400 years back would help in developing a staunch faith in the truth of the Book and modern principles of Social Sciences which are supported by the Qur’an would help in confidently implementing the Book in practical life, realizing that the Holy Qur’an has always been ahead of time in all the topics it has touched, which is a sufficient proof of its being Divine.

Mission: –The Islamic Academy of Sciences has an ambitious programme of publication of books in English, because they are easily understood by the majority of the educated people in this part of the world.

The Islamic Academy of Sciences thus intends to popularize Islam keeping in view the current demands.

Islamic Academy of Sciences welcomes suggestions from learned Muslims and solicits their co-operation in fulfilling its aims.

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